Cassette Roller Blinds

We offer three types of cassettes in all.  Our Slimline Cassette slides directly next to the glass and is suitable where there are no obstructions on your window (e.g. Centre joints, protruding handles).  Our Deluxe Cassette is rebated so that it slides next to the window frame.  Our Double Roller (see link) allows you to mix and match patterns or to use with a translucent pattern by day and a blackout by night.

Because of the close proximity of the blind to the glass, Cassette Rollers offer unequaled heat saving properties along with thermal blackout in the summer.

The Cassette System is fully integrated into the window enabling full operation of the window even when the blind is lowered.  When the blind is open the rolled fabric is fully hidden in an aluminium cassette on the top of the window and when closed the side tracks hold the fabric in place leaving the window free for use.  The cassette and tracks are aluminium powder coated and available in a range of colours to suit any window.

It is important to note that only cassette roller blinds offer proper blackout, up to 95%.  Standard rollers only achieve 50-60% due to the amount of light spilling around the fabric.

Excellent for home theatre rooms, shift workers or young children’s rooms.